Athlecia Womens Active Wear


We integrate sportswear and casual clothing in a multi-functional design universe.

We create utility fashion, designed to fit the modern and versatile lifestyle and developed with multiple properties in one style to meet the everyday needs.


We choose to use our materials wisely in the manufacturing process and patterns are developed with a zero-waste mindset. Even when we have leftover fabrics, they are used for accessories. 

We choose our treatments with respect for the environment and our well-being and work with great caution to chemicals - in both our decisions and in our ambitions. 

Our suppliers manage their use of water responsibly through waste-water systems to continuously improve their water performance. 

The plastic used in our packaging stems from recycled materials to make sure that we reuse already existing resources; and all paper for our carton boxes are verified through a recycling system license, to assure the paper can be reused after end use. 

Enjoy our Athlecia garments with a great conscience and feeling. 

Love & Care - Athlecia