Kids Rash Guards

What Makes Us Different?

This is first and foremost a FUN brand. We try not to take ourselves too seriously like some of the other brands out there that are chalk-full of daggers, dragons, and skulls (although we do appreciate the sequins).

What you will find from us is highly collectible surf & fitness gear inspired by the worlds of Sci-Fi, cult movies and tv shows, comic book heroes and villains, video games, cartoons, action figures, fantasy, and pop- fiction in general.

Our mission is to enhance the training experience of all by creating fun, officially licensed gear that will highlight their individuality and give them the power to “fight their fight”.

Why buy Officially Licensed?

We get asked this question a lot, and think that it’s a great question. There are a few reasons to pay a little more and support officially licensed merchandise;

  1. Quality. First and foremost, the quality of officially licensed merchandise is “generally speaking” better than pirated merchandise. There are exceptions to this, of course, but in general, this is the case. Our product goes through a rigorous process prior to landing on store shelves. Factory audits and inspections, as well as sample reviews by the licensors at every stage of the process are all part of controlling the quality.
  2. Authenticity. Fusion FG designs are legitimate, and straight from the original source. The artwork is generally taken straight from the original comics or original movie posters, etc. Very often, a portion of the licensing fees make their way back to the original artist.
  3. Collectability. Our product is highly collectible as it’s manufactured with very limited production runs. Just like comic books, baseball cards, or Star Wars action figures, most people don’t want a reprint or a bootleg version (unless of course it’s a rare Turkish Uzay Blue Snowtrooper.)